Our Parents


As you know, students are using the Check In-Check Out (CICO) system in which parents can see a daily documentation of behavior.  Maintaining a weekly average of 80% is required for completion of the program.

Mr. Bynum communicates with teachers and students regarding problems arising in and out of the classroom.  When a teacher documents more than three intervention situations which have proven ineffective, Mr. Bynum will hold a conference with the student and may phone conference with the parent and student.

It may also become necessary to hold a conference with parents, teachers, students, and administrators when interim and report period grades are not improving.  All students must complete the program with better than passing grades. 

Additionally, all students are required to write a Reflection Essay with respect to decision making and self-control with ways they plan to better themselves and their future. This essay is required upon exiting the program and will be discussed during the student's exit meeting. 

Reflection Essay directions can be found under Quick Links Please use GOOGLE docs and students should consult with ENGLISH teachers for further help and submission.