HAC - Home Access Center (Student Grades)

It is extremely important during your loved ones visit to Turlington to keep up with their grades.  If you have not registered for the Home Access Center or HAC, please do so as soon as possible.  https://www.spsk12.net/home_access_center

Transitioning from their base school to Turlington can result in some assignments not being completed from the base school. These missing grades are reflected in the average received when the student enters. 

This can make for a very difficult recovery time, since your child was already out for at least ten to 20 days before entering the daytime alternative program. If the average is 40 or below, it can have a negative impact overall.

As a parent, being proactive during this time can make for a smoother transition to and from, with grades being maintained.  You should notify the school that you would like all missing assignments prior to being removed from their roll.  Often times, teachers are unaware of the reasons why the student is not on their role anymore.

Any or all completed missing assignments should be turned in to our school counselor upon attending the student's intake meeting.

Although we as teachers at Turlington are responsible for grading them while they are here, those averages can be hard to pull up if there are a lot of missing assignments reported in HAC.  

Most likely, students will return to the same classes and teachers and keep going through the rest of the academic year.

It would help for the parents to convey to the elective teachers at the base school the need to provide missing and future assignments for students in more than 40 different courses, as we can only facilitate special curriculums. Just notify the teacher and have them contact the school counselor here at Turlington, Mrs. Glenda Jones.

Communicating with the base teacher will help everyone in the end.