About Our School

Turlington Woods is the Daytime Alternative Program (DAP) for middle and high school students who have been removed from their assigned school for disciplinary infractions.

Placement in DAP is an administrative placement by the division’s pupil personnel department.  The length of the student’s assignment is also determined by the school board and pupil personnel.  Students will be allowed to return to their base school at the end of their assigned stay if they successfully complete DAP.  Success in the program is contingent on the student’s willingness to follow the student code of conduct, school policy, and school rules, including an 80% success rate on their Check-in/Check-Out (CICO) based on their ability to be respectful, responsible, and safe.

 DAP Student Responsibility
  • To attend school every day and to be on time to all classes.
  • To come to school prepared with books, paper, pencils, and any other materials and/or assignments as directed by the teachers.
  • To obey the directions of all teachers and school staff members.
  • To respect myself and the rights and property of others.
Turlington Woods Staff Responsibility
  • To provide a safe school environment.
  • To provide a quality instructional program that supports the Virginia Standards of Learning and the Suffolk Public School curriculum.
  • To offer programs and student assistance that respond to the social, emotional, behavioral and personal development needs of secondary school students.
  • To communicate student progress to parents.
Parent Responsibility
  • Be a positive role model.
  • Encourage high academic achievement.
  • Monitor attendance, interim reports, and report cards.
  • Communicate with the school on a regular basis.
  • Partner with the school to encourage school success.