Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

My student said the food was old?

When looking at the separate school menu for Turlington Woods - it is limited - but it is not old.  The food is, however, transported from Forest Glen with a full cafeteria.  Students are also welcome to bring their own bag lunch and do have access to the vending machines.

Why was my drink taken once I got in the building?

Open containers are not allowed on school grounds. Drinks are for sale in the vending machine areas and students can bring SEALED containers like water if necessary.  Students should ask a teacher when opening if not in the cafeteria area.

Why can't I have my cell phone at school?
Cell phone use at Turlington is not allowed the entire day.  We do not have lockers to house them.  Students are searched every day and phones are confiscated until the end of the day.  

Why can't I bring my book bag to school?  
Book bags are not allowed on school grounds.  P.E. clothes should be placed in a light, plastic store bag, or a light gym bag.

Can I bring my own medicine?
No, Never. Parents of students must always check in with the office and/or nurse when leaving medicine with the school.  Students with such items in their possession shall be considered as grounds for immediate dismissal from the program.

t is my "base" school? 
Your base school is the "base building" you come from: 
NRHS, KFHS, or KHS.  Middle Schools:  Forest Glen, King's Fork Middle, John Yeates Middle, and King's Fork Middle.

If I drive to my base school, can I drive to Turlington?
No, students are not allowed to drive to school.

Can anyone pick me up from school?
No, only the people on your emergency card are allowed to drop you off or pick you up from school.